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... most of the comments on this page would sound like, "Ron Paul supporters are on the side of the terrorists" to 90% of the American People.

Without taking a position on whether taking out Al-Awlaki was right or wrong, how do those opposed to this action propose that the US should have taken him into custody for trial?

Would a trial in absentia have sufficed? That is, invite the accused for a trial:

Dear Mr. Al-Awlaki:
You are cordially invited to attend a trial to determine whether you are a terrorist bent on the destruction of America, and to answer for the alleged crimes listed below...

Followed by the aforementioned trial (whether the accused deigned to appear or not), followed by a death sentence have mollified the critics?

Ron Paul has suggested letter of Marque and Reprisal, to deal with terrorists. Would issuance of such documents suffice to satisfy "due process"?


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