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Comment: WHY did the US government NOT

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WHY did the US government NOT

WHY did the US government NOT declare Awlaki as a traitor? Why did they NOT charge him with TREASON?

All the US government had to do was charge Awlaki with treason, STRIP HIM OF HIS US Citizenship, and then proceed as followed.

But that did not happen. WHY?

Because in order to take away a US citizen's citizenship, the government would have to hold some kind of public trial. TREASON would be the official charge....

BUT, in a public trial of treason against an American citizen....Awlaki's family members could be subject to the media. "Is your nephew a terrorist?"

BUT, that never happened.

Logic does not follow.

Obama did this for one reason and one reason only.

The US government can now target American citizens and kill them without consequence.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.