Comment: The majority of Americans

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The majority of Americans

see us as enthralled in the middle of an actual war with an almost WW2 mentality. And this, to them, is the equivalent of the killing of an American Goehring.

What they fail to see is that this thing we are participating isn't a real war at all. WE are certainly not at risk and "the other side" hasn't made a move against us since 2001. All they have been doing is protecing their own territory.

They seem to think that al Quaida is a major player and the killing we have done of some 600,000 is really to go after them. They seem to forget that WE are the aggressors and that there is nothing to "win".

The government keeps coming up with staged events like the supposed attempt to attack the Pentagon with a plane that this disgruntled physics student didn't have the money to buy himself (the FBI paid for it) and certain neve would have been able to get (fake) "c5" unless the FBI offered it.

The typical american citizen is so involved in fantasy against a fictitious enemy it is crazy.

It is BECAUSE military people over there realize that this is nothing but a false flag that Ron Paul gets more contributions for the military than ever other candidate put together. But the common man still thinks we are at war.