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The issue we're crying about here

is the fact that the rule of law has been trampled upon. The Justice system runs on law and precedent, and with this event, the precedent has been set saying that it is okay for the United States to call a United States citizen a criminal, and to execute him without even holding a trial to determine his guilt. Even a robber caught red handed on video gets a trial. They don't just lock him up; they grant him the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. If his guilt is as obvious as everyone says it is, they could easily prove it in court. This is one of the principles of American justice that made this country so wonderful.

How would you feel if the cops out of the blue accused you of rape, and swept in and jailed you for 20yrs, not granting you the right to defend yourself in court, justifying it by saying that "he's a menace to society and these people don't deserve to live?" and you never had the chance to defend yourself?

If Awlaki was guilty of everything they accused him of, it would have been no problem for us to arrest him, charge him, try him, and prosecute him under the law. That would have been a true victory for America.

Now the precedent has been set that our gov't can assassinate us! US Citizens as long as they say we're guilty. The government accuses innocent people all the time for crimes! That's why we have due process so we can have a chance to prove our innocence, or show our guilt. Everyone should be concerned by this killing. Our government is OUT OF CONTROL!