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Comment: They won't...

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They won't...

... allow me to post my replays to:

9thID writes: "Bilge. Your version is as I stated - way beyond the 10th Amendment and back to the Articles. You want everyone to do what's right in their own eyes no matter how it infrignes upon the liberty and saftey of others. Ron Paul is a treasonous sob..."

Your characterization is idiotic. You have lent your ears out to right-wing talk show hosts that carry water for the GOP Politburo. The Constitution protects our liberty and safety. Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist extraordinaire. He is the last person you can accuse of wanting to infringe upon our liberties and safety.

"Right in their own eyes'... comes from Judges. You should not be spouting scriptural references while spreading such lies and untruths. Nothing turns us against the Christian faith than those who feign to be believers but cheer state-authorized assassinations, lobby for foreign wars against oil rich nations, regardless of the loss of lives of our soldiers and hundred of thousands of innocent women and children, and incite hatred against the Muslim faith. Love your enemies. Do good to them that hate you. There is more love in the hearts of the Paulites (children of darkness) that the hoards of warmongers in the Religious Right

Plano TX