Comment: $16 Trillion loans to banks foreign & domestic. Fed Freak show!

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$16 Trillion loans to banks foreign & domestic. Fed Freak show!

The Fed Audit bill by Dr Ron Paul was scratched & pawed down to legally forcing the Fed to divulge their recent list of loans by the Fed to troubled (troubling) banks & related institutions (like wives & related kin) foreign & domestic.

Their list totaled $16 Trillion.

Our annual US economy is only $15 Trillion.

Our US National Debt supposedly owed to the Fed is $15 Trillion. Did the Fed really have $16 Trillion lying around idle? Rather than spirit away $16 Trillion pretend loans (out-of-then-air) under a stealth cloak of invisibility, they could have been forthright, & admit they are no better than 2 bit thieves. They could have their pet, Iris lock them away for a millennium for tax evasion.

[Victrola is at a complete loss.]

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