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A Word of Caution

Here is one of the comments to Doug's article, which I believe is at the crux of the situation. The organizers of OWS are in no way sympathetic to our cause.

"Doug, I’d like to share an exchange with you from earlier this morning on facebook. It was between a girl I know from the ‘punk rock’ scene in NYC. She is one of the main organizers of Occupy Wall Street. She invited me to help with this months ago. After doing my own research, I declined.

Brent Davey
Hey Occupy Wall Street– The fascists and oligarchs appreciate all of the work you’re doing for them.
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Care to explain?
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Brent Davey
Because although crime is rampant on Wall Street, no one is asking what these specific crimes are or how they work. Greed is not just a quality of Wall Street, we all share responsibility for this mess we’re in. You want the government to protect you from big business. That won’t happen because they live in a symbiotic relationship with big business. Fascism, if you care about accurate definitions. But to the people down there that I interviewed, anyone that makes money is evil. That is intellectually sloppy and counterproductive to freedom. If Apple and facebook operated like that you wouldn’t be able to use their products to spread your message. To make everyone economically equal through democratic means is their goal. Egalitarianism. The fascists and oligarchs benefit from this kind of sentiment because they are in the position to provide goods and services with little to no competition. You get what you get. You pay what it costs. Occupy Wall street wants guaranteed things. They don’t care what that does to prices, because everything is “free.” Well nothing is free unless you advocate slavery. And then it still isn’t free. The situation in the economy is going to get much worse, and too many people think this is because of capitalism. It’s not. Privileged corporations and massive government agencies (that were instituted under the auspices of protecting people from the very things they’re doing) are the cause. The Federal Reserve and the Pentagon are on the top of that list, but there and many, many other Praetorian agencies are rampant criminals and are sucking us dry. Occupy wallstreet wants fairness. That is a subjective and childish demand. What you should be demanding is rule of law. If you want more government to protect us from the obvious ills that’s just asking for more foxes to protect the hen house. Theft, coercion and murder need to be outlawed. You and I probably disagree on how to bring fairness and a fighting chance back, but i think there are more pressing matters that we will agree on. I will get down with your cause if you support the Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich coalition.
Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street
Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich offer words of wisdom to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Wall Street movement has tremendous potential…
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good luck with that! You missed the point! I should have gone with my gut on you! Now I will. Where can I send cookies for your tea party? Your response was rude and winded there for went in one ear and out the other.
about an hour ago · Ps its not a cause its a reality and its growing and you are not the only one it scares.
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Brent Davey
My intention is not to be rude, and I really don’t think I was. I’m just calling it like I see it, on my own facebook page. I’m not a part of any party. I just believe in freedom. Majority rule does not work in mental institutions.
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Brent Davey And by the way, I advocated a coalition of three people. Ralph Nader, who ran for president in the Green Party. Ron Paul, a republican. And Dennis Kucinich, democrat. But you want to label me a member of the tea party. Who’s the one that thinks on party lines? That type of attack is called ad hominem. It is a logical fallacy, and strangely enough, widely considered rude."

If we all realize that these people are not interested in deep understanding of the cause, they prefer knee-jerk reactions and the least amount of thought. I thought we were supposed to be the intellectually superior of politician supporters; wasting time with these individuals would be just that; a waste of time. I cannot help but to be reminded of the adage, "If you dance with the Devil the Devil doesn't change, the Devil changes you."