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In regards to food in particular, it is harder today because demand is lower, commodities prices are soaring high (not just due to the federal reserve, but due to problems in Europe and the Middle East), and people with fewer dollars in their pocket are choosing bang-for-buck over niche (which is where small places can often beat larger places).

What specific food legislation are you talking about? At the state level, there have been regulations against HFCS and trans fats (as well as other things), but if anything, those bans should hurt big food companies since they thrive off serving food loaded with fats, sugar, and salt. Healthy food is more the business of smaller companies.

The biggest legislation hurting business growth is Obamacare, which forces employers to pay for health insurance (since workers are not skilled enough to demand healthcare at this point). However, especially for a small company, that can't be a significant cost.

Ultimately, it is harder to form businesses in this economy because the economy sucks. Under Clinton and Bush, we had a growing and thriving economy; people spending all their money, the federal reserve pumping money into the economy; everyone having fun at the party. Now that party is over, and everyone is feeling the hangover.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


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