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Also note, that...

... he admits that on Friday he applauded Obama, but (obviously being enlightened by Dr. Paul) over the weekend came to his senses. Now if only Hanity would do the same, have the humility to be corrected.

I would argue that even if he was not a citizen, or if that issue was in doubt, by assassinating him when with the help of Yemen he could have been captured, we have not been made safer. This action just inflames more hatred and acts as an incentive for other radicals to step into his shoes.

I prefer the Jesus way: Do not repay evil with evil. Do good to those who hate you. Love your enemies. Blessed are the Peacemakers. (Personified by Dr. Paul.) We are doing far more damage to our reputation, to our finances, to our military and to our collective psyche than would be the case if we followed the advice of our Founding Fathers. We have lost the moral high-ground. We could regain it by electing Dr. Paul as our next President.

Plano TX