Comment: whitewhale, this is a wonderful letter.

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whitewhale, this is a wonderful letter.

You have distilled the key message that could turn Occupy! from an incoherent assembly being lured in an ultimately self-destructive direction. If that one fundamental idea, consistent nonviolence, could sway the many, the people would at last be empowered to overcome economic and political oppression.

I am much encouraged to see the openness of thinking people within Occupy! The others will follow the flow, most people are not original thinkers but can see common sense logic when the true costs of authoritarianism and benefits of nonviolence/freedom are cleared from empty, demagogic pandering and promises.

For those on this forum who cannot see the opportunity to educate these angry activists, please consider the OP for you as well as the protesters. Occupy! is the market in action; yes it's not trading in fiat or in gold. It is pure energy at this time. Energy that's been bottled up tight by the Establishment that won't let these young people enter their creativity into the free economic arena, to build their futures.

That energy has to go somewhere. If peaceful and productive outlets are not opened, it will burn destructively. We might be able to make a difference if we offer our insights and knowledge.