Comment: This is about political strategy, not who's right or wrong

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This is about political strategy, not who's right or wrong

I see many comments on how this Occupy group is full of commies and socialists. While this may be partially true, the majority of the group is made up of malleable minds. This is becoming a significant movement and will be gaining more media coverage as it expands.

While I disagree with a number of the people at this event, I also see an opportunity to use it to our advantage in a broader political strategy. If we do not actively educate these people and steer the masses towards the liberty movement, they will certainly be picked up by another camp. Politics is a game, and liberals WILL take advantage of the Occupy movement if we do nothing. The masses are still undecided upon a central set of demands, so the time is right to send Ron Paul supporters out there.

Remember, the more our message is covered by the media, the more likely we are to pick up supporters. This is an open platform to share our ideas and we must take advantage of it before the Obama camp does.

I doubt that the Romney and Perry people will be able to gain support through this, but Ron Paul has a chance. If anything, by sending a flood of libertarian ideas out there, it will self destruct the crowd to prevent the liberals from winning.