Comment: Savage and his fiction novels

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Savage and his fiction novels

I listened to this piece and yes, he agrees with Ron Paul but he still doesn't get the full picture. He was more interested in pitching his latest novel than thinking that maybe he'll have Paul on as a guest to elaborate on this whole business of unitary presidential powers.

I have a suggestion for Savage to put in one of his novels.

The hooker, the Spook and the 'wet sports' Team

Jack Holstrum walked out of the president's security briefing elated that his plan to hack into the websites of right wing groups was given the "official" green light.....

Jack Holdstrum had pitched this idea two years ago before the Patriot Act was narrowly renewed by congress. Now this electronics eves dropping spook would have his own task force to go after those whom he hated. He would now have the official backing of the US government to plant stories in foreign news websites' comments sections that purportedly tied these extremists to persons, political movements and terrorist organizations.

Holdstrum, the evidence planter, would use electronics and the internet to implicate those whom he despised with false statements attributed to them. This called for a celebration!

"sweetie, this is Jack. I have great news," he excitedly told the call girl. Can I take you to the best restaurant in town and tell you this great news I have? How about dinner tonight at a fine restaurant,Ok? There's an extra thousand in for you if you say yes."

The waiter finished pouring the last of the Cabernet and asked Jack if there was anything else he could bring them.

"no, that'll be it. Just bring me the check, will ya?"

"So what's this big news that you have for me. I still need the five hundred dollars you owe me for our last date." Don't expect this to make up for the money you owe me,ok"

Julia buttoned up her blouse and stuffed the 25 hundred dollars in her left breast cup. She looked back nervously at the sleeping government clown. She was anxious to get out of there.

"What kind of maniacs do we have running this government," she thought to herself. Her fingers shaking visibly with each attempt at the tiny blouse's buttons.

She still vividly recalls "the John" bragging how he was going to eliminate all those 'constitution freaks.' He would steal their pass words and plant fake evidence for Obama's assassination 'wet sports team.'

"Hell," Julia thought to herself "the SOB may get mad at me and tie me in with a terrorist group!"

Julia walked briskly down 5th avenue and hailed a cab. She would use this money and the money she had hidden way at her apartment for a sex change operation. She was going to change herself back into man and run off to Europe and hide from these freaks. They have way too much power and they are in control of our government!