Comment: I don't agree with this idea,

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I don't agree with this idea,

I don't agree with this idea, although it surely would help out the indebted college students/graduates a lot. All it really does is shifts the burden of the debt on to the taxpayers.

I'd rather see government no longer guaranteeing or financing student loans and enable student loan debt to be discharged through bankruptcy just like any other debt. Make non-government lenders take the risk of lending college money and if they made bad choices as to who they lend to then it's their problem to deal with.

If student loan amnesty was to happen then I think it should rather be an equal amount to all people. Anyone with student loan debts would have to apply the money to student loan debt first. Then remaining money would be applied to credit card debt, auto loans then mortgages. Anything left over after paying off debts would go directly to the individual. People who have no debt.... well, lucky day for them as they will simply get the money and can do with it as they please. If anyone is going to get huge sums of money, for whatever reason, then it should go to everyone. Some people might not even get enough if their student loan debt exceeds whatever amount is decided on. $100k to every single citizen would be something like $30T. Lots of money, be ready for hyperinflation h*ll. It's a bad idea but we all know the government is notorious for bad ideas. I'd rather see lenders on the hook for lending people too much or lending to people who cannot repay.