Comment: SERIOUSLY???

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I am dumbfounded time and time again when I see the comments posted on here and on Ron Paul Forums pertaining to Rand.

Do most of you really believe that Rand is so radically different than that of his father's? He is Ron Paul's SON. He has said publicly his father's positions OPENED HIS EYES to the world. He believes in what his father SAYS and DOES.

Rand is very very smart and knows how the main stream media works and understands that in order for him to REALLY, TRULY set himself up for a run in 2016 (if Ron does not get the nod in 2012), he needs to cater to EVERYONE - including the neo-conservatives. (see: Hannity's love for Rand)

I am often disheartened and saddened when I see these posts on here. Have we as a liberty movement lost what we all believe in the most - common sense - when it comes to looking at the bigger picture?

Ron opened ALL of our eyes and built the foundations in our heart for Liberty. If 2012 turns not to be his time, I certainly hope Rand builds the house in 2016. And maybe, just maybe, common sense will enlighten most of you to support the kin of the man who perpetuated the message we all believe in so dearly. - Demand a Debate! Sign the Petition!