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Only the working class have children like that...

cuz they don't really have parents...just old children in adult bodies

Yeah, I'm casting a wide general net over all working class adults.

I am not impressed with them.

It's one thing to see the deception of the ruling class, but when you let the other shoe drop, you see that working class adults needs a virtual parent. Look at how people have lived without civilization throughout time. They live like children would live...huts, caves, shanties. They don't naturally work together to create a civilization for themselves. They just don't care enough beyond their animal instinct...that's why there is all sorts of rape, murder, disease, etc. in those areas...people just live in the muck.

Only when some tiny percentage become enlightened and FORCES these adult children to live well, do civilizations occur. And even then a substantial percentage just refuse to do we have the welfare system, prison, etc. for them.

I'm still with Ron Paul, but I refuse to be blind to certain truths.

Personally, I think the people CAN handle the truth. That's why I like Ron Paul. He drops truth bombs, he gets people to question everything, etc.

The elite likes to think we can't handle the truth, so they feel justified hiding the horrible stuff they do. That stuff needs to be exposed...and BEFORE they get their global government!

Let's get real transparency, see the real picture...and THEN judge...not judge before...cuz, I believe the ruling class aren't all that wrong on some things.