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Comment: I know some 'working class' adults who are very decent and . . .

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I know some 'working class' adults who are very decent and . . .

(I'm religious, so I watch for these things) "Godly" people--and I know people in the 'upper class' who are not.

Yes, I think you are generalizing, and I think that, generally speaking, people live in 'squalor' when they can't find a way to do better, often because they have been repressed and exploited by people who are living better but whose souls are sick.

Sorry; I can't agree with this.

You sound like an elitist.

Explain the people of Appalachia who came over from Scotland and Ireland (some from Germany and England) and lived in the hills in order to be independent--

yes, many of them began to live in squalor, but they had a knowledge of the basic need for true education and would work very hard to get it--

and worked very hard to remain independent, all while living in 'squalor'; some of them were hard and rough, and life was hard for all of them, but some of them were refined people.

They were exploited by the heavy taxes for 'home brew'--

I don't agree with the making of liquor, but I am suspicious of the high taxes these people had to pay.

And, if that is your idea of civilization, I certainly don't want it. You've been reading too many 'mainstream' history books--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--