Comment: This is news?

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This is news?

Apparently I'm some kind of freak of Nature - I remember stuff.

When I was in 4th grade in the late 1950's (back when we had to walk ten miles uphill both ways through ten feet of snow and we wrote our lessons on clay tablets), I remember an item in "The Weekly Reader" entitled "The Little Red Schoolhouse," with the "R" represented by a stylized hammer and sickle, the logo of the Communists, at the time when Joe McCarthy had his panties all in a bunch over suspected Communists.

The article showed those poor unfortunate Russian students, who were forced to study what they were told, got nothing but propaganda to read, and so on.

I was confused. So I asked the teacher for help understanding this article.

I asked, "How are they any different from us? How do I know they're not doing to us exactly what they claim they're doing to the kids in Russia?"

The teacher got terribly uncomfortable, and changed the subject.

The schools were being turned into propaganda mills almost three generations ago.

Why is this news? Hasn't _ANYBODY_ been paying any attention?

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