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But listen to your own argument,

I mean you are basically saying that we should support someone because he is kinned to someone else. Forget about the issues!! That has nothing to do with it. Rand is Ron's son according to the flesh. Period. But if you listen to him, he is very little like his father. To say that he would support and endorse someone like Cain, Romney, or Perry totally exposes him. I think he is far different than his father, and only nominally supports him. Ron Paul is anti-establishment. It is a black and white message. And if you are with the Establishment, you certainly cannot be for Paul.

I don't understand this. How do you say you're an RP supporter? Don't you understand that Hannity's love for Rand is evidence against Rand? How can you come on this site and say that catering to the neocons is necessary? What is this common sense that you're advocating? Good grief.

John F