Comment: I like Ratigan a lot. He is

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I like Ratigan a lot. He is

I like Ratigan a lot. He is right in a lot of ways. Corporate influence over our government is a HUGE problem in our country, and is the primary reason why Dr. Paul hasn't already been elected president. If we had dealt with the problem, we may well have had a President Ron Paul back in '88.

The problem is that Liberty must take priority, and Ratigan's amendment conflicts with the principle of property rights. But then again, the huge increase in Liberty in our country that would result from that sacrifice is tempting to support.

Frankly, this is a problem that we need to solve. Liberty cannot be assured when corporate interests can influence our government. We, as members of the Liberty Movement, need to come up with a solution.

Also consider that a major reason why progressives aren't libertarians is because they want government to protect them from corporate influence. If we come up with a way to maintain liberty AND block corporate interests, we will be significantly better off.

Ratigan's suggestion is a starting point worth considering. But from a slippery slope perspective, it brings cause for concern. Let's think about how to adjust it to protect individual property rights while blocking corporate interests in our elections.

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