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Thank you for the Welcome Greeting

POW, I am not Russian. I am simply new Here and already put on the defensive.

Most people on this site feel like I do. I was a local Ron Paul campaign manager in the 2008 elections. He inspired me to get into the arena. A Precinct Committeeman, the lowest ballot position there is, but that is what I am, and we uprooted the entire Central Committee filled with RINO's. If you don't believe me, oh well.

I was able to start a new thread in the current events forums. Perhaps you should review it. The long History & Friends of Occupy Wall St. I have been researching this hard because when I found out the U.S. was involved in training the malcontents in the other countries & listened to Hillary's speech, I thought there was a lot more than meets the eye. The deeper I dug, the worse it got. Still not done. It's all so nauseating.

On a side note, since the NC Governor leaked the Progressives may want to unconstitutionally cancel the 2012 elections, it appears that Obama may use his executive powers under the guise of an emergency to do just that.

Back in 1999, Ron Paul & 45 co-sponsors, presented HR 2655 `Separation of Powers Restoration Act'. It never got out of committees. It is my hope that he resurrects it again, and soon. E.O.'s were not intended to bypass Congress

Summarily, I am not a troll, cull, or sheep; I have just been busy networking.