Comment: Following Campaign Donations

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Following Campaign Donations

Paul probably would not support Ratigan's amendment. Donations vs. Term Served is a complicated matter.

If voters look at where the contributions came from they tell a lot about the candidate...If Look at Obama, Romney and Paul...Dr. Paul runs the cleanest finances and appears to have the support of the people not companies. Thats why he's great.

Obama's contributors - guys like Jeff Katzenberg donated 500K, and his company Dreamworks Picture gave another 2.5 million. Comcast 1.5 million - Comcast got favorable legislation to merge with NBC - by the Obama administration surprise, surprise.

Obama campaign is running 50% deficit (sound familiar). 85% disclosed.

Romney's 20 biggest sources are the largest Wall Street Banks. 94% from large corporations. 93% disclosed.

Paul's 0% corporation all individuals, zero debt. 97% disclosed.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"