Comment: Thank you for the warm welcome

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Thank you for the warm welcome

POW: I am not Russian. I was a local Ron Paul campaign manager for 2008 elections. He inspired me into politics and now I am a Precinct Committeeman, the lowest elected position. Our campaign was able to uproot the RINO controlled county central committee in the last election cycle. I am a state delegate and wrote a unanimously approved resolution at the state level. I really do not need to defend myself.

I posted a new topic on the current events forum today that may be of interest. It's titled: The long History & Friends of Occupy Wall St.

I have been researching this ever since I figured out that the U.S. is behind the uprisings in the Middle East and there are too many similarities between them and U.S. Day of Rage (aka Occupy Wall St). My concern is that Ron Paul supporters will not look deeply enough into the facade and fall for the propaganda. It seems that many may already have, due to a lack of research. Without questioning and researching, we may become sheep. I do not intend to udder a single baahhh.