Comment: Faulty Report.

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Faulty Report.

No 'epic' here, check the meaning of the word. People in the media habitually exaggerate, give fancy titles to attract the reader.
Ron Paul's declared policy is - "Bring the troops home", non-intervention, no bases overseas, and that the bombings & drone attacks lead to "blow-back".
Rand Paul does Not mention these points in the interview, hear him from minutes 7:30, he differs very much from his father's position, - when he is asked about al'CIA'da. Rand wants a mobile force to hit anywhere in the world, and have such a force (based) in Afghanistan, at 9:00 minutes.
No'one would give a minutes attention to Rand if he was not Ron's son. Ron built up a reputation for principles & consistency, a trust developed over 30 years. Rand is a pragmatist. Ron has the spiritual touch, Rand is disconnected.

Give Rand credit for facing a tough and aggressive Hugh. Rand should have given the back-side of his hand to the face of Hugh, after the way he spoke about Ron. Ron Paul has made his position very clear, no mincing words, and we have it on DP =