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Hi; it was refreshing to read your comments.

Not often do I see Progressives who have studied economic policy objectively and also have taken the time to consider libertarian ideas.
I have some responses and questions.
First, I'm not sure you've read a lot of economists in the liberty movement, since I don't recall any defending the collusion of government and corporations to shield owners from liability. Libertarians object to evasion of responsibility for damage, fraud, etc. and do not think the government should collude in such acts.

I agree with all of your points about corporations. But rather than add more regulations on top of the thousands that already exist and are misused, a cleaner solution is simply to remove the special privilege of corporate personhood so all business is subject to the objective discipline of the market, not the whims and back room deals of politicians and bureaucrats.

One question that really stands out for me: since you are a thoughtful person, whom would you support in a general election if not Ron Paul? If he were the nominee, it would mean a r3VOLution had occurred in the Republican party -- running a solid peace candidate against a war president.