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Wow, kudos for honesty. For me, and for

most libertarians, the bottom line always is freedom/peace (the same since coercion must be used to arrest freedom.) So it quite takes away my breath to hear anyone own the view that a war chief is more acceptable than a freedom candidate. To keep this civil I will not detail my view of that choice. Suffice to say I cannot comprehend Americans putting their personal comfort before outright murder, torture, invasion, destruction of other peoples and countries.

On your other points, since you strive for open mindedness I hope you will learn a little about the Austrian view before dismissing it so easily. Wonderful free resources are available at

IMO your concerns about cheating, greed, excess influence, etc. have all been answered thoroughly in many economic works in many available media: books, articles, podcasts, videos. Removing special privilege and enforced monopoly is the key. Why a free market is effective is precisely because it is not controlled by easily-bribed officials. It is the sum total of individual choices of free people, millions of us, all choosing and evaluating, and rejecting, trading goods, services, and reviews of the same, plus knowledge. Just look at the explosion of open source information. People naturally cooperate and share. Really, give freedom/peace a chance. You will like it.