Comment: The problem with these kids

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The problem with these kids

The problem with these kids is just that; they're kids. Most of them have never left the womb and those that have fell right into the student loan program. They have never paid taxes. They have never had skin in the game. They are spoiled rotten brats who have been promised upward mobility for jumping through four years worth of hoops that is a college degree. They are over educated and underemployed and are now coming to the realization that the promise made to them was a lie. It is a shame, both that they were lied to and that their life in America has been so easy that it had to be true. Nonetheless, if we are to turn this ship around, they must be made to understand that the road they are now traveling will only lead to more misery, for them and everyone else. I have called these people communists in previous comments, but that is probably too harsh. If I lived near by, I would probably minister to them the gospel of Dr. Paul too. I often do with the college students in my town. Good luck and one piece of advice. Keep smiling. Children really are like animals.