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I think that the obvious answer

is to limit the power and scope of government, so that it has no power to do what people want.
Then, if gov't can't be the interventionist into the market that people are trying to purchase for influence, then the money will disappear.
Because nobody will pay someone to produce a result which they are not empowered to produce. Simple as that.
As soon as you give gov't the power to distribute money or control or contracts or whatever, there will be people trying to "buy them".

It is impossible to prevent human failings in corruption.
What IS possible is to limit the powers of humans to affect others in any way other than the limited duties proscribed to them in the Constitution, and nothing else. And in that way, nobody will attempt to "buy them" when it is clear that these gov't officials do not have the power to do what the bribers want.

To do this, people need to accept that the government will no longer do ANYTHING which people will be interested in influencing. It will be the simple administrator of extremely limited scope and size.

People will live their own lives, free from the evil influence of government and the corporations which government created. And people will have the responsibility to take care of themselves, without the nanny state dictating every breath they take.

You have set your sights on the wrong target. It's the government which needs to be reined-in. And if they are, the corporations have no interest in bribing them, and it will ALL go away by itself.

However, if a person INSISTS that gov't be allowed to be the distributor of "candy and gifts", then they can hardly complain about the abuse. For the reason that they support the redistribution concept, and love the power of gov't to "give out the candy and gifts" to the recipients that THEY PERSONALLY FAVOR, but decry any candy and gifts to those who they don't favor.
This is called "hypocrisy".
If you want things to work without corruption, you need to eschew the corruption which you favor, so as to also eliminate the corruption which you don't favor.