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Comment: Spare the self-righteousness

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Spare the self-righteousness

I've seen and heard enough to know for myself that this "movement" is a confused expression of dissatisfaction. It reminds me of a crowd that gathers with torches and pitchforks looking for a scapegoat. Everyone is upset with the state of things and they still don't understand why it isn't getting better because the real reasons conflict with their worldview. You won't convince the anti-business-I-deserve-everything-for-free-because-I'm-special folks that stealing the fruit of another's labor (no matter what form of labor that happens to manifest itself) is wrong, so they will ultimately revert to the destruction and looting that often comes from big, dumb crowds milling around with no real purpose. Do something useful, like start a new business. Don't expect to find answers by joining with others without answers.