Comment: I appreciate you keeping it civil

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I appreciate you keeping it civil

and even entertaining my presence on this forum to share my support for Ron Paul in the GOP primary despite my unorthodox views for this forum.

And I hope my presence here can help you all practice and hone your arguments as you make your pitch of Ron Paul to Progressives that you seek to pull into the Republican primaries right now, or if your r3VOLution succeeds, in the general election.

I cannot comprehend Americans putting their personal comfort before outright murder, torture, invasion, destruction of other peoples and countries.

First of all, how can you not comprehend this when Americans have been doing this for a century? Or longer? Until you can comprehend this, how are you going to fight it?

Secondly, I think you presume too much by ascribing this rationale of a desire for "personal comfort" upon my Progressive leanings.

Both of us obviously do not want an America that murders, tortures, invades or destroys other countries, their people and their property.

We just disagree on what radical reforms are most needed to rein in the military-industrial complex. I worry that a limited, smaller federal government will be even weaker when it comes to standing up to the war-seeking whims of multinational corporations. I am presuming you think that a robust, massive federal government enables and reinforces the military-industrial complex.

This is our impasse.