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Comment: No, I only post here as BigT, nowhere else.

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No, I only post here as BigT, nowhere else.

I don't even know about FITSNews.

But, if you think about what I said, it is really the only workable solution.
You can try to stop crime till doomsday, and people will still do it behind closed doors.
If you remove the incentive from the bribers, by making the officials mere custodial administrators of strictly limited Constitutional functions, as was originally intended, then the corruption is permanently gone forever. All by itself.

The "rub" is that then it can't do things that are unauthorized,which is pretty much everything that the left wants it to do.
You have to give that up, or you'll never get rid of the corruption. Depending on gov't to police its own corruption is a pipe dream that the left can't seem to shake. It can't work, because it's against human nature.
The incentive MUST be removed, and that means the "candy man" needs to stop being allowed to hand out candy to ANYBODY.

I know the left can't stand to hear this, but they have created their own nightmare, and then they complain about it. You just can't say, "I only want you to be corrupt in the ways that I demand". It doesn't work.