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2 part answer.

as to your first misunderstanding, I never implied that the OWS had any Nazi supporters.

I suggested that if you or others want to educate communists, and that people don't seem to mind connecting Ron Paul to an obviously communist movment, that they shouldn't be shy to connect him with the White Supremacy movements also, since the communists are no better than the KKK.

You fairly answered, with the best answer of anybody so far, and for that I'll give you credit. You will try to convert all of them.
I don't think many other DPers here would have the same answer.

I hope the six or seven communists that get "converted for ten minutes" out of this effort are worth losing the nomination for. Because when the neocon candidates get hold of this, they will wreck RP with it, branding him as having communist sympathizers.
I hope you all are ready for the consequences of your actions.