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I went back to school when I

I went back to school when I was in my 40's and graduated in 1996, December. I got some grants, worked delivering pizza, and got student loans. By having good credit I was finally able to keep transferring the balance to credit cards with no interest introductory rates. My interest had been over 8% and that loan was going NOWHERE after paying on it 8 years. Once I started doing that, I made progress and finally, about 3 years ago, paid it off. If those little twirps get their loans forgiven I will be PISSED. It is like buying a home at a high interest rate (for me) and they need to realize that they will have a LOAN they chose to get, that has to be paid off! Where is the wrong in that? If they too stupid to know they have to pay a loan back, then when they graduated were they not smarter? If not, then maybe they have a point....