Comment: Place a temporary stay of execution on the amortization.

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Place a temporary stay of execution on the amortization.

I believe this is the proper terminology.
Why not, it would simply apply or not apply the interest accrual. That's fine with me. Kids have been hoodwinked by government facts and figures, on what jobs are in the future. So in some respects the government is at fault to some who used that info.

If you understand the loan industry you will understand that all these student loans only hold a 10% of value demand. So anything above 10% is profit to the lender. The FED makes the rules as they print money so they could discharge at least 90% of the debt less expenses involved.
Those who got their education, certainly owe for what they got.
Home mortgages is another subject.. If you default you loose the home of course. A loan forgiveness value of 90% is also possible because that is what is left after the 10% demand value, less costs and penalty for default on your promise. All loans are only secured by 10% value at any point of origination. So it would be possible. The Bankers are not going to like it. They would stand to lose on the 10% they could have placed towards another loan value.
Good luck with this.
Politics and pandering is what brought us to this point. The Loan institutions simply did what they were told to do, though the loan institutions may have been making the rules for the government and themselves, as they become the governemnt when pandering is involved. Now students and home borrowers are left to clean up their mess.

In any court proceding it is the objective of the Court to make the persons involved whole. No more, no less.