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Well, I hope you'll continue to input here

at the DP when you have insights to share.

One major correction: the core political principle for libertarians is the Nonaggression Principle. Yes that is derived from respect for each individual. It is the understanding that neither peace nor freedom stands without the other.
That is why we cannot support use of coercion; we know that a culture accepting the NAP will be one of social justice: voluntary, peaceful cooperation, no picking and choosing by manipulated majorities, no unintended consequences of arrogance and corruption by a controlling elite empowered to enforce mandates, using whatever force necessary: arresting, imprisoning -- even killing those who resist.

We don't seek to impose our ideas on you or anyone; we ask that you not impose yours on us. It might be interesting to you to google Panarchy as one of many ways people with opposing views could live harmoniously and peaceably even in the same geographical boundaries.