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thank you very much

*what about private property rights?

Thank you very much arielle. I was beginning to think for a minute libertarians had completely vanished from the RP camp.

*there must be a way to fight this.

There is. But it seems the general consensus is what needs to be done is somehow "mortgage amnesty" or "mortgage forgiveness" as if it would be some kind of handout from taxpayers or something. The handout has already occurred when the taxpayers bailed out the sob's that pulled this crap on millions of homeowners like myself. It's not like my mortgage company is gonna take my payments and pay back the taxpayers for the bail-out. No the banksters are gonna get paid twice for our homes -once from the bailout -once again from the mortgage borrowers. I don't want a damn thing from taxpayers - heck I am a taxpayer too. But I have to admit I'm a big fan of entitlements. These entitlements include but are not limited to

1.) Private property rights
2.) Freedom from force and fraud
3.) Contract law enforcement

I'm not asking for a freebie or a handout just my entitlements.

I hear all these uneducated advocates of free market economics echoing how "liquidating the debt and clearing the bad assets" is part of the solution to our current crises... jeez we're talking about potentially millions of properties that will forever have a lien against them. Even if they have already been paid for -in some cases paid for twice - they will forever be classified as negative assets on the homeowners credit.

**what happens if you want to leave this property with family in your will?

Good question. I've wondered about that a lot over the past few months. I have no idea what, or how, to plan for that.

Thanks again arielle.