Comment: A Simple, Honest "Yes" or "No" is often most potent.

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A Simple, Honest "Yes" or "No" is often most potent.

Ralph Nader, McKinney, Baldwin and Paul agreed to 4 points.

Nader mentioned Ron Paul on the Judge, favorably.

In the early 1960s the New Left had a sound start and Murray Rothbard and the new Right was gaining momentum.

Factions of the New Left destroyed property, but one always wonders about violent provocateurs. Are they fearless because they are protected? Or very angry?

From what I read about the New Left, they were not Socialists but social.

Liberty and Rule of Common Law may be fertile common ground for an exchange of ideas.

Instead of arguing policy discuss principle.

What problem are you trying to solve?

What resources are available to solve this problem?

What is the best way to manage these resources?

Sometimes one needs to just take a stand. A Yes or No. An Honest "Yes" or "No" is often the most potent testimony.

For example, I don't think central planning by the government will efficiently manage those scarce resources.

Why are we blaming corporations, when government made the promises and failed to deliver?

Government can't handle what's on their plates now, to give them more responsibility is folly.

Free includes debt-free!