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It's not a trick.

It smells like a duck, but it's actually a firewall.

The whole idea behind the electoral college is similar to the Senate vs Congress. It's another safeguard between mob-rule and a representative republic.

At one point in our country's founding, we considered letting the Senate elect the president. At another point, we considered letting a completely democratic vote elect the president. Instead, we let each state choose electors who elect the president.

I personally think a small optimization to the system would be to have a jury-duty-style drawing of, say, 0.1% of citizens to vote. As do jurors, the voters would see their responsibility as more important. They could remain anonymous if they choose. Each voter could receive a standard-issue printed material packet from each candidate, whose candidate-registration fees could pay for. The candidates could still choose to spend money on TV ads, but it's going to be up to the voters themselves to seek out the information.

I know that's not a perfection, but I personally think it's an improvement.

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