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Comment: one dollar wouldn't get anyone's vote.

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one dollar wouldn't get anyone's vote.

If Obama gets the same number of votes that he received last time (50 million) and raises a billion, that's $20 per vote and that is just for president and it doesn't include independent expenditures. Every 4 years one should expect to turn in their voting receipt and get a hundred dollars for voting from the candidates that they voted for.

I don't see the big taboo behind this.

1. It would be all out in the open.
2. The candidates already are spending that money.
3. The supreme court has said that money is speech.
4. Such a tactic may in fact backfire if the public doesn't want a candidate buying votes.
5. A portion of the electorate would never sell their votes.
6. The remaining voters would be left to be bought. If the race is a tight race, it might come down to money, which is exactly how it works right now.

Once you lift this taboo, then elections can be completely verifiable.

I just don't get it.