Comment: Why does our Ballot need to be Secret?

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Why does our Ballot need to be Secret?

I never hear anyone question the idea that our ballots should be secret, yet it seems to me that detaching the person from their vote may be at the heart of the problem.

If I care enough about a particular candidate to favor them with my vote, then why should I want or need to keep that a secret from my friends and neighbors? In fact, if I want to make certain that MY vote is accurately counted, shouldn't I demand that MY name be attached to MY vote? If my name as an INDIVIDUAL is not a permanent part of my ballot, then the second it leaves my fingertips and slides into the ballot box, it becomes just another generic piece of paper with an "X" on it.

It seems intuitive (to me at least) that if our ballots were inexorably tied to us as the individuals who placed those votes (with a receipt issued to each voter confirming their vote), the potential for fraud would be greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether.

Secret ballots provide the perfect mechanism for fraud. Truth does not require secrecy.