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Comment: this is no longer a government

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this is no longer a government

and yes it is the LAND they want control of.

If we don't even have the option of subsistence (being able to grow a garden on our OWN land through ownership or rents) because the government owns it all and therefore controls every aspect of contract, then we are forced to use the system/purchase from the system/work for it through the system.

I brought attention to this the other day where several judges in different states are now ruling against organic farmers and even home gardens (in subdivisions, etc) through any means they can find. Whether it be for minor civil infractions or local weed/pest control or against the "Landscape" ordinances, etc. We do NOT have a basic right to grow our own foodstuffs. Period. Not even on our own lands. This is the decision of several judges.

Maybe the government is gonna need lots of land back to have areas to grow their genetically modified crap for us.

And of course force us into paying more for existing housing.