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And since a lot of people

And since a lot of people still think Romney should be the one because he's a "business man", I think going after him on comments about increasing military spending in his first 100 days of presidency would hurt him. How is that to help our economy? Seems people have become complacent and apathetic towards war because we don't hear about the repercussions very often (like daily broadcasts of death and injured during Vietnam War era). "Out of sight, out of mind". Many would rather beat the war drums with no thought whatsoever of what happens to families, enemies continually being made, our country being broken economically, or the wounded veterans continuing to grow. As I've said before, tying economy to just about every issue is a good thing. More people are waking up to what's coming (although many are misguided as to why)...................Herman Cain's recent comments on people ought to work instead of ask for handouts is what is giving him support. I wouldn't go off on that necessarily but focus on his lack of economic understanding because he missed the banking collapse in Sept. 2008. He also has said the Federal Reserve did not need auditing at one time. And Cain supports more taxes during a severe recession (not good at all). Does Cain support bringing home troops? That might be good too if he doesn't. Most Americans want the wars over.