Comment: I disagree. Even though it

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I disagree. Even though it

I disagree. Even though it may add to his total amount of time, that's just more time for other people to perceive him negatively. Think of how people look at Santorum and Bachmann, who have, for the last couple of debates now, not shied away from slinging mud at any opponents they find relevant to the topic at hand.

They come off not only as desperate but also bitter. I don't think Paul needs that at all.

If you're worried about him getting more time or clarifying his point, then there's a better solution: he should make his point clear the first time around.

We need more of Paul's message as presented in his latest ads if we are going to court the GOP base. We already have enough ground troops who know what Paul is talking about. It is OUR responsibility to teach and clarify Paul's positions for other people. But if in a debate where you have to resort to these tactics to explain yourselves, you're already losing.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater