Comment: in my honest opinion, I don't

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in my honest opinion, I don't

in my honest opinion, I don't think Ron is going to get the nomination this time around if things stay the same for the following reason: he doesnt engage the competition much at all. you have to first understand that the media are a bunch of scumbags, and they won't give Dr. Paul a fair shake. therefore, the only way for him to compete against the "front runners" is for him to call out their bull**** policies and ideas and engage them.

as it is now, he gets a few meaningless questions at the debates, and he either gives a weak and rushed answer (they only give him like 30 seconds and the questions they ask him are dumb enough as is) or he gives a solid answer, but it really doesnt stick because he can't contrast it against anyone else or talk about it at length in a dialogue.

in my opinion, Dr. Paul and his campaign should be more aggressive in explicitly challenging the other candidates' views. additionally, he should try to train himself to work around the horrendous debate dynamics. for instance, if they ask him another bs question on heroin or an uninsured american, he should just ignore it or give a token answer but then go on about some of his big points. no one really cares how well candidates answer the original question anyhow. i mean..look at the frontrunners for God's sake

look, like i said, these debates are hosted by scumbags..they aren't going to give him a fair treatment! he's gotta take this to the next level.