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I don't think Ron Paul would even consider your script. Yes, the points you bring up are all true. But Ron Paul does not like to paint himself as a prophet (your wording of "I alone preddicted..." does this). He's too humble for that, especially in a huge laundry list type script.

As for unelectable issue, I always thought Ron should answer something like this: "I'm not sure how you can even suggest I am unelectable. Let me remind you I am a Congressman from Texas that has been elected and re-elected for 12 for terms by the people of my district. In this presidential run, let me remind you I have been elected at the top candidate in just about every single Republican straw poll in the nation in the last few months. Just this last quarter we raised over $8 million doallrs from over 100,000 individual donors. Our grassroots support, donor base, money raised with little or no campaign efforts is know to many as legendary. Despite very biased and minimal news coverage, our support continues to grow. I think it is about time you admitted that I am a top tier candidate."