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No. Quite simply, our


Quite simply, our military + HS spends about 1.1 trillion per year.

Add the debt to that and you would surpass the amount brought in by the income tax. Not counting estate tax, the CGT, or the corporate tax.

People also forget, that the 16th amendment does not grant Congress the power to just allows Congress to tax without apportionment. That was the main reason it was passed. That too, taxes on income had been considered constitutional long before the 16th amendment's passing...see the taxes enacted on the mid 1800s. Issues with apportionment came with taxes like property tax, corporate tax, dividend tax, etc.

Even if you consider income taxes to be direct taxes, they could still tax us, but not inviduals; they would tax states. States would have to come up with the money. This kind of policy would enormously benefit states like California, Maryland, Mass., New York, etc. and hurts states like Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, etc.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: