Comment: Let'em eat their cooking! Stir, knead & darn the National Debt.

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Let'em eat their cooking! Stir, knead & darn the National Debt.

Ain't needing no National debt. "Sovereign debt?" An oxymoron that even an ox won't pull! "Legal fiction!"

The Fed has been a travesty from the start. Ain't getting better.

  • The Fed gifted $16 Trillion in secret loans since 2007. They refused to admit to Congress & lied that they didn't do such things. Ron Paul pushed their flaming hot denials aside & got them to confess this year. They have yet to repent their wayward ways.
  • The economy is a side show. $15 Trillion annually.
  • The National Debt is a freak show. $15 Trillion, so they say. No public audit of this 97 year old bill.
    The national debt is a freak show!

Yes, Income tax is squandered covering up the National Debt interest (to make it uninteresting to the public eye). Income Tax receipts are shoveled to cover National Debt interest & transfer payments (those that work pay those that don't); not one nickel goes to any service hard working taxpayers expect. See President Reagan administration's "Grace Commission, 1984."

Submitted by Mark Twain on Mon, 09/06/2010 - 01:08.

    President Reagan asked innocently, "Where do all our income tax payments go?" He created the "Grace Commission" to find out

Even if those villains stir their liquidity, oxen won't drink it. Even a baker kneads it & throws it in the oven, oxen won't eat it. Even if a tailor darns it, measuring account with it is folly. It is admittedly elastic. Not good for even measuring. Cannot mend a hole with it. Their dang dollar concoction won't hold water. It makes an awful mess.

We'd best start cleaning.

  • End the Fed: Loaning you blind since 1913.
  • End their payment system... They are the payee. Income tax, since 1913.
  • End allegiance to the 16th & 17th Constitutional amendments. False flags waving to a dismayed public. A fog. A farce, since 1913.

Oxen are willing to help haul the trash. Maybe use 20 mule teams through the hot spots. Get this country Borax clean!

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