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True, but

What you are saying is true. The government will always violate the law.

However, in the case of the federal income tax, guess who is enforcing the misapplication of income tax? Americans are doing it to themselves! IRS is nowhere in site.

How many times you were "forced" to sign W-4 or W-2 so you can work? Every time, but when you were signing it did you think whether you are a "U.S. Person"?

"U.S. Person" has a special limited meaning in the law. You cannot apply common English definition to it. That is not how law works, and that is what the ignorance is about.

"Income Tax: Shattering the Myths" explains that to you. You will understand the law, and when you do, we can stop infringing on Americans' rights by not having them sign forms that do not apply to them.

It is actually very simple, but people are stubborn. They do not want to learn the truth. They think they know it all!