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On what principle.

Markets are smarter than money manipulators. Congress should let the markets work.

The 99% are up to their necks in debt to the Federal Reserve. For those without personal debt, the Congress has burdened you with $47,000 of debt. Nearly half of that is owed to the Federal Reserve and a big chunk to China.

What is most likely, is that the bill passed by the Senate is legislative collateral to be offered by Congress in return for raising the debt ceiling.

I have not read the bill, but the debt ceiling is ready to knock some sense into us, unless Congress pays with our blood sweat and tears to have it raised.

Who will benefit? The Federal Reserve benefits from all legislation it allows through. Union leaders will get a bone. Politicians get praise for saving us from a scapegoat.

But if China is subsidizing its currency in order to send us cheaper product, this is a good thing. When they run out of subsidies, we will have cheaper product and they will have nothing.

Of course, the bill is a bad thing, that is why Congress supports it.

Free includes debt-free!