Comment: Let's not forget the propaganda

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Let's not forget the propaganda

that is swirling. It's like a cesspool, er- I mean whirlpool right now. It can't be coincidence. They are pulling all of the puppet strings and trying to figure out what or how they want us to react. My option is to not react. I think the charade will be exposed if we do nothing, and let them make fools of themselves.

Remember the soon to be first ever National EAS Test? That of course falls on 11-9-11. Sweet to make it oh so similar to 911, eh? Maybe they will wait and release big drama the day before so we won't know if it's a "real" emergency or not. You know, yank a few chains. See what happens.

They may be instigating just enough people freaking out to start small pockets of trouble or bank run or something.

Then they could use who knows what powers or say ah ha! Look at the homegrown loonies and "terror cells" in our back yard ready and plotting to take down our government/A-thor-i-tay!

Whatever it is, don't fall for it.


FORCE them, DARE them to harm us. But don't let them trick us into allowing them to do it by our own "reactions" to their tricks.

The whole thing along with the 2012 crap and stirring up the Middle East and mixing in all of the religious connotation IS their stage manipulation. I get a kick out of much of it.
The best is sites like godlikeproductions. I mean production is no lie but it's sad anyone would put faith in it. (or fear)

Don't be fooled again.