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Are you sure?

When Chase took over WaMu I withdrew all my funds, leaving $5 for reasons I can't remember. In the first month I was wiped out with a service charge for insufficient funds. I believe I received a couple warning letters before they sent the last one informing me my account had been closed due to no funds and lack of account activity.

However, here's a dirty little trick you can do... Walk into the bank or anywhere else you find those credit card applications with the postage paid return. Grab a stack. Get a cardboard shipping box. Throw in your old shoes, broken toaster oven and that jazzercise VHS cassette you're never going to watch etc. - The more heavier the better.

Next, close and seal the box. Then slap that self-addressed postage-paid mailer on and send it on its way, with no return address. There, you stuck it to the banks and cleared out your closest all in one step.

**Disclaimer: I've not tried this myself and therefore don't even know if the post office will send it. But it sure sounds like fun and worth looking into.

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